22 January 2023

Executive Director of Business Relations at Hassad to QNA: Local Vegetables Production Exceeds Consumption

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Doha, January 22 (QNA) - Executive Director of Business Relations at Hassad Food Mubarak Al Sahouti revealed that Qatar's production of some vegetables exceeds consumption rates.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Sahouti said that volume of vegetables received from local farmers increased by 20% in the current season, compared to the previous season.
He noted that local market needs about 2 thousand tons of cucumbers and about 5 to 6 thousand tons of tomatoes per month. These needs are secured through Qatari farms during the agricultural seasons, noting that the quantities supplied currently to sales outlets by Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services, a subsidiary of Hassad, exceed these rates. These quantities are sold through Mahaseel, and 90% of them are consumed locally.
Al Sahouti pointed to Hassad's actual contribution to achieving food security, noting that the company established Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services in 2018, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality, with the aim of supporting local farmers who face challenges in marketing their products.
He noted the high demand for local vegetables, as outlets and shops became completely dependent on local products, especially during the winter season, at a rate of 100%.
Al Sahouti referred to a noticeable decline in imports during this period, due to the abundance of local product which is characterized by high quality and freshness.
Al Sahouti explained that the establishment of Mahaseel was in line with the investment strategy of Hassad, which aims to contribute to achieving food security and increasing the agricultural crop in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality, based on actual studies of the needs of the local market. Its establishment contributed to determining the mechanism for providing appropriate support to the agricultural private sector, thus contributing to achieving self-sufficiency by supplying and marketing various local vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchini.
The Executive Director of Business Relations at Hassad Food said that the volume of shipments supplied locally by Mahaseel reached 60 million kilograms of vegetables in the past three years. The company received 50 thousand supplies in the same period, bringing the volume of monthly receipt of vegetables to 5 million and 500 thousand kilograms at peak times.
In terms of supporting Qatari farmers, Al Sahouti noted that Mahaseel purchases local products at incentive prices set by the Ministry of Municipality in support of the local product, which is classified into grades according to its quality.
Regarding the selling price of outlets, he indicated that they are subject to the compulsory pricing of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in accordance with its price policies. Mahaseel deals with all farmers after submitting the required data and completing the registration procedures in accordance with the conditions of the Ministry of Municipality. Then, the products are supplied to the companys headquarters in Al Sailiya.
With regard to the Pre-contracting Program (Daman) for Purchasing Local Vegetables, Al Sahouti revealed that the number of farms registered in the program increased to 120 farms. Through this program, a pre-contract is made with local producers to purchase their vegetable products, along with setting guarantee prices and developing a production plan according to the needs of the local market based on an agricultural calendar, which encourages farmers and ensure the sale of products at prices that achieve good income for them.
Daman comes within the framework of the Ministry of Municipality's marketing programs aimed at achieving sustainable development of the agricultural sector, as it is an essential sector for achieving Qatar's food security. In this regard, various marketing programs have been put forward to develop local products and increase their competitiveness to ensure a profitable return for the farms.
Mahaseel is working, in coordination with the competent authorities, to set a framework for the purchase of agricultural production through two programs - pre-contracting program and daily purchase of all kinds of vegetables.
Established in 2018, Mahaseel supports registered farms and enables them to market their production at preferential prices, which contribute to increasing and improving their production, as well as improving the display method and mechanisms for dealing with various vegetable crops, according to modern technological methods to reduce marketing losses.
Mahaseel cooperates with the Ministry of Municipality in providing training, logistical and technical services to about 400 local farms. (QNA)


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