22 January 2023

UK Foreign Secretary Calls for Supplying Ukraine with Modern Weapons

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London, January 22 (QNA) - UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverly called today for supplying Ukraine with the latest weapons, stressing that the UK will continue to work with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to ensure this is achieved.

Cleverly said in a statement to the BBC that what he most desires is to provide Ukraine with the latest tanks.

Commenting on Germany's position on providing Ukraine with modern tanks, Cleverly said that it is up to each country to decide on how to support Ukraine, noting that the UK will continue to work with NATO members to ensure that Ukraine gets the military equipment it needs.

UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs's comments come after Germany and Western allies failed to reach a decision on whether Berlin would agree to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

German officials had said earlier that Berlin would allow German-made tanks to be sent to Ukraine, if the United States agreed to send its tanks there.

UK Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace announced on January 19 that his country will send 600 additional Brimstone missiles to Ukraine to help it enhance its fighting ability.

Ukraine constantly urges its Western allies to speed up supplying it with tanks and air defenses, criticizing the slow pace of discussions related to its arms support in Western capitals.



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