23 January 2023

Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar Underestimates International Demands to Halt Israeli Unilateral Measures

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Ramallah, January 23 (QNA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Monday that incitement to demolish the village of Khan Al-Ahmar, east of Occupied Jerusalem, represents a complete disregard to the international and American demands to halt the unilateral measures.

Such an old and new plot is utterly colonial and racist that aims to carry out huge settlement schemes in the region extending from Jerusalem until the Dead Sea, which is dubbed E1 to entirely separate Jerusalem from its Palestinian region to be further mired in more large settlement agglomerations, the ministry said in a statement.

It asserted that such a plot underscores that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, and his far-right coalition are per se settlement and settlers' government, whose program is based on an attempt to eliminate any potential chance to apply the two-state solution.

The ministry condemned the incitement campaign staged by ministers and members in the Knesset, along with a bunch of extremists from the settlers to demolish the village of Khan Al-Ahmar, including the calls to storm it and assault on the Palestinian citizens and those who support them.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded an international, American and European decisive stance in ramping up pressure on the prime minister of the Israeli entity to halt carrying out demolition and eviction operations in Khan Al-Ahmar, and take further action to ensure non-implementation of this colonial, expansive and racist scheme.

Israel's National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir called on Benjamin Netanyahu to evict and demolish the village of Khan Al-Ahmar.

In March 2010, a first motion dubbed "Israeli Civil Administration" was issued to demolish all facilities in Khan Al-Ahmar, and the inhabitants resorted to the occupation's courts to appeal the motion over the past years, through which the deferral of demolition was being received until the Israeli supreme court ratified the motion of the Israeli civil administration and military authority to evict the village from inhabitants, followed by effacement of Bedouin communities, in return for providing them with a suitable alternative. (QNA)


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