25 January 2023

Environment Ministry Calls for Protection of Plantation Environment, Bans Vehicles, Trucks' Entry to Meadows

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Doha, January 25 (QNA) - The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has called upon all drivers of vehicles, trucks and visitors of local meadows to essentially adhere to the MOECC's instructions, by avoiding drive into the areas of plantation, including meadows and natural reserves that were previously announced by the state authorities. It stressed that vehicles must use paved roads to preserve Qatar's environment.
In a statement on Wednesday, MOECC confirmed that the law No. 32 of 1995, prohibits damage of plant environment and the components thereof, bans the random passage of vehicles, equipment and machineries at the plantation environment areas, and their passage is restricted to the pre-designated roads.
In addition, MOECC stressed that those who violated the laws and legislations on the protection of local environment would be punished by the law, whose seventh article prohibits setting fire to any vegetation or use it for any purpose, with the exemption of cooking and heating purposes. However, all necessary precautions and preparations shall be made to ensure prevention of fire.
The ministry reviewed the list of prohibitions under the law that harm the country's environment, pointing out that the Department of Environmental Protection, Natural Reserves, and Wildlife has detected an infraction related to running over plantation environment, with a number of vehicles driving into the meadows, and it has taken the necessary legal action accordingly. (QNA)


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