26 November 2022

Darb Al Saai Seminar Discusses Role of Media in Highlighting Cultures

  • National Day 2022
  • Darb

Doha, November 26 (QNA) - A seminar on the role of media and social networking platforms in highlighting cultures was held as part of the cultural events accompanying the celebrations of Qatar National Day at Darb Al Saai.
Director of Culture, Arts and Heritage Department at the Minister of Culture Mariam Yassin Al Hammadi, media figure Dr. Abdullah Faraj, and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab newspaper Hassan Al Mohammadi took part in the seminar held last night.
Speaking at the seminar, Mariam Al Hammadi shed light on the role of the Ministry of Culture in linking between culture and media; and the keenness of the Ministry to promote culture beyond the limits of seminars, salons, elite cafes, or brief dialogues, to broader and more influential spaces, whether through social media platform which reach millions across the world, or by documenting the cultural events through the television to give those cultural moments a vibrant eternity.
Al Hammadi noted the interrelated relation between culture and media, adding that media can affect the society and its prevailing culture, therefor has a significant role in protecting the society and its culture, and consolidating its values and principles.
For his part, Dr. Abdullah Faraj said that culture and media are two sides of the same coin, describing social media platforms as a modern media academy that has both pros and cons.
On the impact of social media on the Arabic language and the culture of society, Dr. Abdullah Faraj explained that the Arabic language has dialects even in the same region, and these dialects do not negatively affect the Arabic language. He noted that the language of social media has become understood among all people, and that there is no worry about the Arabic language, especially when there are laws protecting it, such as the laws that preserve the Arabic language enacted by the State of Qatar.
Dr. Abdullah Faraj pointed out that the world is living in a state of a cultural, scientific, and technical revolution that is extremely advanced. This calls for intellectuals to have their role on social media means in order to convey a wonderful and honorable image of the State of Qatar.
Editor-in-chief of Al-Arab newspaper Hassan Al Mohammadi talked about the close interdependence between culture and media, saying that culture cannot grow, evolve, or be transmitted from one generation to another without interaction in the social environment.
He noted that the development of the media and the information revolution in the past two decades imposed new challenges and responsibilities on the media, most importantly spreading culture and preserving heritage.
Al Mohammadi pointed to the role of media in supporting culture and arts, and spreading thoughtful culture and purposeful human creativity that stimulates and mobilizes the energies of society, refutes destructive ideas, and confronts stray intellectual currents. (QNA)


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