The Media Relations Department was established in June 2002 under the former Foreign Information Agency, it was then amalgamated with Qatar News Agency in October 2007 and is now The Foreign Media Department since February 2015.

The objectives of the Foreign Media Department include: 

  • The achievement of a better understanding by the international media about the State of Qatar.
  • To support efforts aimed at creating an open international media.
  • To defend and encourage freedom of expression as well as exchanging ideas and experiences.
  • Establishment of an international media cooperation network that maintains a positive image of the State of Qatar and its future developments.

  • Strengthening of a spirit of cooperation with foreign media, public opinion planners and foreign audiences through visits, exchange programs and mutual beneficial interests.
    The Foreign Media Department facilitates the missions of visiting foreign media as well as foreign correspondents residing in the country. Professional and high quality services are provided that include easy contacts with official departments, issuance of accreditation cards, and the provision of comfortable work facilities equipped with internet, and computer services. Online Services are also provided for accredited journalists.


    Conferences and Exhibitions

    •  Supervision over conferences and exhibitions.
    • Coordination with local organizations and entities.
    • Pinpointing material and human requirements for coverage of events, and liaison with other participants.
    • Supervision over the preparation and equipment of an integrated media center at venues of conferences and meetings, and at accommodations of media reporters. Provision of necessary equipment's, information and data.
    • Preparation and monitor of ex-promotional campaigns, amending them whenever necessary and evaluating results at the conclusion of the event.
    • Hosting foreign press delegations participating in international and local conferences and organizing informative programs for them.


    Media Organizations

    • Liaison with foreign media organizations and journalists.
    • Strengthening relations with foreign media, journalists and international organizations.
    • Providing Media Accreditation to visiting foreign media.
    • Issuing airport customs clearance of camera and video equipment of visiting international media.
    • Providing information on traffic, hotels, tourist attractions. Museums, etc., for visiting media correspondents. 


    Accredited Correspondents and Local Offices

    • The Foreign Media Department issues accreditation cards for foreign media correspondents who represent foreign newspapers, radio and television stations. They are accredited after submitting the required documents.
    • SMS messages on coming events, seminars, conferences, inauguration ceremonies, etc., are regularly forwarded to foreign correspondents.
    • The correspondent who requests an accreditation card for the first time shall have a card valid for one year. The renewal of the card for another year requires the issuance of a new letter for his organization and copies of his printed articles and reports.
    • QNA reserves the right of verification of documents by Qatari diplomatic missions.
    • Accreditations cards are sent by mail or delivered personally at QNA's headquarters.
    • Informative and promotional materials shall be provided according to data, statistics and information.
    • Printed matter will give and idea on the various activities of the State.
    • Foreign media organizations will be invited to cover necessary events and occasions.
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