30 January 2023

UNICEF Calls for Protection of All Children amidst Increased Violence in Occupied Palestinian Territories

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New York, January 30 (QNA) - UNICEF is alarmed by the latest escalation of violence that has left many children dead and injured in the occupied Palestinian territories.
In a statement issued by the United Nations, UNICEF stressed that all children are entitled to special protection under international human rights law, and all their rights including the right to life and protection must be upheld at all times.
"Children continue to pay the highest price of violence," UNICEF said.
Since the start of 2023, seven Palestinian children have been killed. Many more were injured or have been affected by the spiral of violence.
As the situation remains very volatile, UNICEF fears that an increasing number of children will suffer.
UNICEF appeals to all parties to de-escalate, exercise the utmost restraint and refrain from using violence, especially against children, in accordance with international law.
UNICEF stressed that "violence is never a solution, and all forms of violence against children are unacceptable. This must end." (QNA)


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