01 February 2023

Head of Munich Security Conference Warns German Government against Hastily Rejecting Kiev's Requests for Weapons

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Berlin, February 01 (QNA) - The head of the Munich Security Conference Christoph Heusgen has warned the German government against hastily rejecting Kiev's requests for weapons, as Ukraine seeks to defend itself.

"We are constantly ruling out something that we are later prepared to do. That makes us untrustworthy," Heusgen said in a press statement.

" It was important to change perspective and assess what is possible and makes sense in terms of international law, politics and the military, he added.

"As for aircraft, their delivery is legitimate under the UN Charter Article 51, Heusgen said, adding that sending fighter jets to Ukraine would not make Germany an active party to the war.

After several countries promised to provide Kiev with main battle tanks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky followed up by also requesting longer-range missiles, fighter jets and more artillery to fend back Russian attacks in a war that is nearing its one-year mark.

After a German U-turn on delivering tanks, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out the delivery of fighter jets last week. (QNA)


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