19 September 2023

Al Bidda Metro Station Receives GSAS Platinum Award for Sustainable Operations

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Doha, September 19 (QNA) - Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) has achieved green building certification for its commitment to sustainable practices at the Al Bidda Station in Doha Metro, situated near Al Bidda Park. Evaluated through the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), the station has earned a GSAS Operations certificate, receiving a coveted Platinum rating awarded by the Gulf Organization for Research & Development (GORD).
The GSAS Operations Platinum certificate was presented to Qatar Rail in an awarding ceremony attended by esteemed dignitaries, alongside senior management from the concerned entities.
Al Bidda Station has become the second metro station in the Doha Metro network to receive the GSAS Platinum Certificate for sustainable operations, following the Education City Station, which received it in October 2022.
Addressing at the event, Founding Chairman of GORD, Dr. Yousef Alhorr, said, "Qatar Rail's dedication to implementing green building standards across its metro stations sets a commendable example for the region. Al Bidda Stations achievement that we are celebrating today represents the organizations steadfast commitment to climate action. At the same time, it highlights the success of GSAS, which, as the only system with a dedicated Railway Scheme, has played a central role in promoting sustainability across all phases of the Doha Metro project." In turn, Senior QSHESE Director at Qatar Rail, Eng. Abdulrahman Al Malik, said, "We are very pleased with this recognition. Al Bidda Station has become the second station in the Doha Metro network to receive the prestigious Platinum certification for sustainable operations from GORD. We are also pleased because of Al Bidda Station's direct linkage to Al Bidda Park, the venue for Expo 2023 Doha event. This achievement reaffirms our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest sustainability standards, particularly in the operation of our facilities." He added, "Projects like Doha Metro serve to propel Qatar's journey towards environmental sustainability. They underscore the significance of the built environment in pursuing our path towards a sustainable future, harmonizing with the strategic objectives articulated in Qatar National Environment and Climate Change Strategy (QNE). We look forward to enhancing the collaboration between GORD and Qatar Rail in the field of sustainability." Notably, Al Bidda Metro Station has previously received recognition for its sustainability efforts, having earned the GSAS Design & Build 4-Star certificate as well as the GSAS Construction Management Class A certificate. The projects latest GSAS Operations certificate reinforces Qatar Rail's commitment to sustainable operations and environmental stewardship.
As the world's first metro project to attain accredited sustainable certification tailored specifically for railway stations, Doha Metro has accomplished this milestone through GSAS' innovative Railways Scheme. GSAS green building framework assesses sustainability and ecological impacts across all project stages, including design, construction, and operations, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability. The GSAS Operations certification program focuses on the environmental impacts of buildings once they are occupied, acknowledging that operational and maintenance practices directly affect the environment, the economy and occupants' health.
To attain the Platinum rating for GSAS Operations, Al Bidda Station underwent a thorough assessment across multiple facets. This included evaluating its energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, waste handling, facility management, water usage, and environmental policies and awareness.
Qatar Rail's efforts to address climate change extend beyond Al Bidda Station, with the organization implementing GSAS on all metro stations, many of which have achieved multiple certifications. With the successful GSAS Operations certification process now completed for Al Bidda Station, more stations are expected to seek GSAS green building certification in the future. (QNA)


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