20 September 2023

Arab League Affirms Importance of Realizing Safety, Stability Worldwide

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Cairo, September 20 (QNA) - Arab League stressed the importance of realizing safety and stability to achieve the sustainable development, pointing out that it gives a top priority to the topic of peace stemming from its charter that advocates for peace and democracy.
In a statement on Wednesday to mark the International Day of Peace that coincides with Sept. 21 each year, Arab League said this year celebration comes under the theme of: 'Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the GlobalGoals' within the framework of the United Nations' call for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2023.
The definition of peace with the meaning of safety, stability and harmonization should primarily exist prior to achieving the sustainable development, and this peace means absence of turmoil, violent acts, wars, as well as religious, sectarian, and regional conflicts that arise either for political, economic, or ethnic considerations, the statement reads.
The statement indicated that today the General-Secretariat of Arab League marks the International Day of Peace as declared by the UN General Assembly to be dedicated to promoting epitome of peace among nations and peoples, adding that this day offers a joint occasion for world peoples to organize events and carry out works that glorify the importance of peace and democracy through beneficial and realistic methods. (QNA)


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