06 December 2023

Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Affirms Occupation's Commission of Hundreds of Crimes Against Journalists in Gaza, West Bank

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Ramallah, December 06 (QNA) - The Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate asserted that the Israeli occupation has perpetrated hundreds of gross crimes against the journalists and media agencies in the West Bank and Gaza, pointing out that 75 journalists and media professionals have been martyred since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza.
Nearly 80 journalists were injured, with the occupation bombarding the homes of 60 families and decimating 63 media institutions and offices, blunting the operation of 25 local radios (24 radio stations in Gaza and one in the West Bank), as well as shuttering and putting three media institutions on hold, the syndicate reported.
It added that 43 journalists were arrested, including 41 in the West Bank and two others in Gaza, with 30 of them still under arrest, and most of them were transferred to administrative detention.
The syndicate pointed out that it is exerting all efforts at two levels, the first one includes the provision of resilience and survival elements and ensure that journalists operate in Gaza and explain the facts on the ground, with the second level including the international-led efforts to halt the genocidal war, targeting the journalists, as well as providing protection as an urgent mission, in addition to holding the occupation's leaders to account and ensuring that they are tried before the international courts.
The syndicate considered the remarks about the lack of evidence of the occupation's intentional targeting of journalists in the ongoing war on Gaza as an additional evidence of the full involvement in the persistent crime against the Palestinian people and journalists in particular. (QNA)


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