27 February 2024

EAA to Host 'Goals4Good' Tournament as Part of Ramadan 2024 Campaign

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Doha, February 27 (QNA) - The Education Above All (EAA) Foundation will host on Friday the Goals4Good tournament, part of its Ramadan 2024 Campaign themed 'Rebuild Hope for Children'.
The event, which kicks off on March 1 at Doha College, aims to support the educational endeavors of the world's most vulnerable and marginalized youth.
It will feature both football and art competitions and will involve students from 30 schools across Qatar.
From 1 pm to 8 pm Doha time, the participating schools will engage in a series of football matches leading up to quarterfinals, semifinals, and a grand final. Competitors, spanning ages 10 to 18, will be divided into both boys' and girls' teams across three age categories. These teams will vie for the championship through group stages and knockout rounds, with the ultimate victors earning trophies, certificates, and individual awards for Best Player, Best Goal, and Best Goalkeeper.
Parallel to the football championship, an art contest themed "Education" will crown its winners on the same day. Open to juniors (ages 6-13) and seniors (ages 14-19), this competition invites participants to express the importance of education through various art forms creatively. Judging criteria will focus on theme expression, color use, neatness, and originality.
Adding to the tournament's excitement, attendees can enjoy a selection of carnival games suitable for family fun, provided by volunteers from various companies. This element underscores the event's aim to offer a wholesome and enjoyable experience for families, reinforcing the EAA Foundation's commitment to fostering community engagement and support for education.
The Goals4Good tournament aligns with the EAA Foundation's sustainability goals, emphasizing Quality Education for All (SDG4), Good Health and Well-Being (SDG3), and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG17). Moreover, it celebrates the unifying power of sports, promoting tolerance, respect, and social inclusion while supporting gender empowerment and community development.
Sponsored by leading entities, the event not only provides a platform for raising awareness and visibility for participating organizations but also underscores the collective effort in advancing education for underprivileged children. All sponsorship proceeds will directly fund EAA's education projects.
This year's campaign will continue to champion EAA's global projects, particularly focusing on supporting children in countries like Palestine, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mali, Pakistan, Sudan and Qatar. Through these efforts, EAA aims to enhance access to educational resources and improve the quality of education for children facing adversity, offering them hope and opportunities for a brighter future. (QNA)


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