29 February 2024

Palestinian Foreign Ministry Holds International Community Responsible for its Failure in Stopping Genocide

  • Palestine_MOFA

Ramallah, February 29 (QNA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Thursday said that the worsening and persistent suffering of the Palestinian people reflects a moral and legal failure of the global system and of the countries that claim to be committed to peace, the two-state solution, and the principles of human rights.

The Ministry held the international community responsible for its continued failure to stop the genocide against Palestinians, the annexation of their homeland, and their forced displacement.

The Ministry called for international system to take concrete actions to immediately halt Israel's brutal aggression.

"That it is time for a real international awakening that forces Israel to stop its aggression, end its occupation, and put an end to its direct violating of the international will for peace." (QNA)


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