30 October 2021

Minister of Endowments Meets Number of Imams

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Doha, October 30 (QNA) - HE the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) Ghanem bin Shaheen bin Ghanem al Ghanem has met with a number of imams.
During the meeting, HE the Minister stressed the great interest in imams, and in Qatari imams in particular, as they are honored for leading the worshipers, and they are the link between all spectrum of society, through good behaviour, kind engagement as well as setting the best example for all the people in this country.
HE the Minister listened to the imams' observations, opinions, aspirations and recommendations in the service of the function of the Imam duties.
He explained that the imams and the muezzins carry a lofty message, as they are the basis of work and the hidden soldiers of the Ministry. "We give them the utmost care and attention," he said.
The Minister urged them to adhere to their work, and activate the mosque's message that contributes to the advancement and cohesion of society, through words of direction and guidance to adhere to the ethics of Islam with a correct understanding, as well as their efforts through social media platforms and Islamic websites according to a balanced religious discourse.
His Excellency also urged the imams to ease the prayer, as commanded by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taking into account the sick, the weak and those in need, and being patient in dealing with worshipers of different ages and conditions, and accepting mistakes, and treating them with kind words and mercy.
He said that the ministry is keen to attract and qualify the largest number of Qatari imams in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership, as they are better able to understand the issues of society and know its needs and aspirations, knowledge and wisdom, pointing out that the ministry allocates financial and other incentives to encourage and motivate young Qataris to engage in imam rehabilitation programs, in order to achieve the ministry's strategy to supply the country's mosques with Qatari imams.
The ministry will continue its efforts in implementing rehabilitation and development programs for all imams and muezzins to increase the scientific capabilities and the legal outcome within the framework of cooperation and coordination with the concerned departments, believing in their active role in upgrading the values and morals of members of society and strengthening the aspects of faith and brotherly ties. HE the Minister said. (QNA)


General, Qatar
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