20 April 2022

Al Aqsa Mosque Preacher to QNA: International Oversight of Al Aqsa Mosque is Out of the Question


Occupied Al Quds, April 20 (QNA) - Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ekrema Sabri strongly rejected any international oversight of Al Aqsa Mosque.
Speaking exclusively to Qatar News Agency (QNA), said that Al Aqsa Mosque cannot be turned over to international oversight, saying that Palestinians should run the mosque themselves. He said if the mosque saw the introduction of international oversight, it will be something that Palestinians cannot overturn later. Sheikh Sabry said that the Israeli occupation has turned Al Quds to military barracks, preventing Muslims and worshipers from entering. He also noted that Israel's actions inside Al Aqsa Mosque were in violation of international law and all religions.
Sheikh Sabri added that there were no Muslims inside the mosque in the blessed month of Ramadan, as a result of the vicious illegal acts carried out by the occupation, and the continued Israeli storming into the mosque, the last of which was this morning. He said that the forces of the occupation force worshipers to leave Al Aqsa Mosque, terrorizing them in various ways and enforcing illegal restrictions in the area surrounding the mosque, closing doors and confiscating their IDs of any young people who comes close to the mosque, in order to scare them from returning back.
He added that the occupation closes the door on any person who is practicing I?tikaf inside Al Aqsa Mosque, surrounds women inside Dome of the Rock Mosque, and kicks out all other remaining outside the Al Aqsa Mosque.
On their demands regarding the protection of Al Quds and Al Aqsa, he called for an immediate end to Israeli's storming into the mosque, regaining Muslim sovereignty over the mosque, ending the occupation's interference in running Al Aqsa, and ending the occupation's control over who enters Al Aqsa mosque, highlighting the presence of a large force from the occupation's army that dictate who is allowed entry into the mosque.
On the arguments made by a number of holders of the Jewish on their right to enter Al Aqsa Mosque and carry out their religious rituals, HE Sheikh Sabri said that their claims were simply delusions, adding that they have not managed to find one shred of evidence that historically links the mosque to the Hebrew history. He added that they have no right to Al Quds, and that Muslims are committed to obeying God before any UN Security Council resolution or any other country. He warned of performing a slaughter of offering inside the mosque, saying that a number of holders of the Jewish faith want to do to show the sovereignty they have over the mosque.
Sheikh Sabri called on not leaving citizens of Al Quds in this battle, and supporting all Palestinians, especially those in the occupied territories. He called on Arabs and Muslims to assume their responsibility and interfere because the mosque belongs to Muslims all over the world and not just Palestine. He called on all countries convening in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on Thursday to discuss the Israeli escalation in Al Quds, and reiterate Palestine's right to running the mosque, in addition to allowing Muslims complete freedom in that regard. (QNA)


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