14 June 2022

CPI Increased by 5.18 Percent During May YOY


Doha, June 14 (QNA) - The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May 2022 increased by 1.34 percent compared to April 2022, recording a level of 103.13 points, with an increase of 5.18 percent compared to the corresponding month of May of the preceding year, data from the Planning and Statistics Authority showed Tuesday.
The CPI includes 12 main groups of consumer goods, under which 737 goods and services fall, and is calculated on a base year 2018 according to the results calculated from the data of the household income expenditure survey 2017-2018.
When comparing May 2022 with the corresponding month in 2021 (YoY change), it becomes clear that there has been an increase in the overall CPI by 5.18 percent , due to the increasing prices seen in 8 groups, namely: the "Entertainment and Culture" group by 30.79 percent , followed by "Food and Beverages" by 5.85 percent , then "Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels" by 5.03 percent , "Other Goods and Services" by 3.51 percent , the "Transportation" by 1.63 percent , the "Furniture and Household Equipment" by 1.34 percent , "Restaurants and Hotels" by 0.58 percent , and then the "Education" by 0.48 percent.
As for the YoY declines, they occurred in the "Health" group by 3.14 percent , the "Communications" group by 0.64 percent , and then the "Clothing and Footwear" group by 0.22 percent. However, there was no change in the "Tobacco" group.
At the same time, the indices of 6 groups increased; as the "Recreation and Culture" group increased by 7.30 percent, followed by the "Food and Beverages" by 3.30 percent, then the "Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels" by 0.49 percent, the "Restaurants and Hotels" group by 0.33 percent, the "Clothing and Footwear" group by 0.11 percent, and a slight rise in the "Furniture and Household Equipment" group by 0.03 percent. Additionally, the groups of Tobacco, Health, Transportation, Communications, and Education have remained flat at the last months price level; April 2022.
By calculating the CPI for May 2022, after excluding the "Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels" group, it reached 106.11 points, recording an increase of 1.53 percent compared to April 2022, and an increase of 5.21 percent over the corresponding month in 2021. (QNA)


Economy, Qatar
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