14 June 2022

Qatar, Venezuela... Solid Relations, Tremendous Potential for Partnership and Investment - Report

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Doha, June 14 (QNA) - HE President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro will arrive in Doha on Tuesday on an official visit to the country, which is expected to contribute to strengthening relations between Doha and Caracas, pushing them to broader horizons that serve the goals, aspirations and common interests of the two countries, and contributes to supporting and promoting international peace and stability.
HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani will meet HE President Maduro at the Amiri Diwan to discuss relations of cooperation between the two countries and prospects for enhancing and developing them. They will also discuss a number of issues and topics of common interest.
The Venezuelan President's visit to Doha is of particular importance due to the close relations between the two countries, the current international developments, and the distinguished position occupied by the State of Qatar and the Republic of Venezuela on the throne of the global energy sector.
The State of Qatar and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have good historical relations of cooperation and a strong friendship that has developed and strengthened over the years. In recent years, these relations have witnessed great progress in many fields through the exchange of high-level visits between the two countries, most notably HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's two visits to Venezuela in May and November 2015, and HE President Maduro's visits to Doha in January and September 2015, and October 2016.
Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1973 when it was agreed to establish diplomatic relations between Doha and Caracas at the level of resident ambassadors. The State of Qatar opened its first embassy in Caracas in December 2001.
The two countries seek to consolidate and strengthen relations of friendship, cooperation, and coordination in all fields, especially trade, economic, and investment in the oil and gas sector, and cooperation in the sectors of agriculture, culture, education, tourism, and air services.
Relations between the State of Qatar and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are characterized by common positions, a consensus of visions on international issues regarding requirements for peace and stability in the world, coordination in international forums, and the first Arab issue - the Palestinian cause - receive special attention from Venezuela. There is complete support and solidarity from Venezuelans with the right of the Palestinians to establish their independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and with full membership in the United Nations, as stipulated in international principles and resolutions.
In the keenness and desire of the leadership of the two countries to enhance and develop bilateral relations and push them to advanced levels in new fields, the two countries signed several cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding that include developing cooperation and trade and economic exchange between the two countries and companies, establishing joint business councils, exempting entry visas for diplomatic and private passports, and cooperation in the fields of legal, air and customs services, sports, youth, and sports activities and cooperation in the field of sports media.
There is also a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Venezuelan News Agency and the Qatar News Agency (QNA), in addition to an agreement to establish a mixed company in the fields of transporting and liquefying natural gas, and a twinning agreement between the municipality of Doha and the municipality of the Venezuelan city of Libertador.

The trade delegations from the Qatar Chamber and the Qatari business community exchange visits and meetings with their Venezuelan counterparts. These meetings focus on discussing and reviewing ways to enhance cooperation relations between the Qatari and Venezuelan private sectors, exploring investment opportunities available on both sides, and creating partnerships between Qatari and Venezuelan companies in all fields, especially in tourism, agriculture, energy, electricity, and foreign trade.
The Qatari business community and Qatari investors are interested in exploring investment opportunities available in Venezuela and establishing trade alliances with companies there in a way that enhances trade exchange and achieves economic benefit for the two friendly countries.
Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America. The country's area exceeds 916,000 square kilometers and consists of (335) regions, followed by about 72 islands in the Caribbean Sea, with a population of around 29 million people.
Currently, there are more than 1.5 million Arab immigrants in Venezuela. For more than 130 years, Venezuelans and the rest of the different Arab nationalities have coexisted in harmony and social harmony.
Venezuela is rich in investment opportunities in many sectors and has huge potential for energy and raw materials, and oil accounts for more than 90 percent of its export earnings. Venezuela leads the world in terms of oil reserves, with a reserve estimated at 302.8 billion barrels, which is equivalent to more than 17 percent of the world's proven oil reserves, and it is considered the second South American country in terms of natural gas reserves, according to data from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
Venezuela includes many diverse ecological from the Andes Mountains in the west to reach the Amazon rainforest basin in the south, passing through the vast plains of Llanos, the Caribbean coast in the center, and the delta of the Orinoco River in the east. The Canaima region is the most important tourist area, where the highest waterfall in the world (Salto Angel) is located. Also, the archipelago (Los Roques), which consists of about (50) small islands, is considered the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and one of the best natural swimming pools in the world. (QNA)


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