19 June 2022

UK Prime Minister Calls on West to Prepare for Long-Term War in Ukraine

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London, June 19 (QNA) - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson called on the western leaders to prepare themselves for a long-term war in Ukraine.
He said in an article published by Sunday Times that western alliances should maintain their steadfastness to ensure that Ukraine achieves strategic resilience in order to survive and ultimately defeat Russia.
The British prime minister warned that time is the most important factor now, as everything now depends on how quickly Ukraine's capabilities to defend its territory can be strengthened than Russia's ability to renew its ability to launch attacks.
Johnson called on the West to implement a plan that includes providing stable funding and technical assistance to Ukraine over the coming years, with the ability to increase it when necessary.
He reiterated his country's support for Ukraine, during his second visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, last Friday, and his keenness to bolster its steadfastness to overcome its crisis with Russia, by providing the military equipment that Kyiv needs, as happened since the beginning of the crisis.
He offered to launch a major training program for Ukrainian forces that could include up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days.
He underscored that the proposed military training program could change the equation of confrontation by directing stronger Kyiv forces and supporting their ability to stall the Russian military advance.
Johnson's comments come at a time when some discrepancies in views are starting to appear between western capitals on the war in Ukraine, as some allies have expressed concerns about the impact of long-term war on Ukraine and its people themselves, and the significant impacts on their economies as well in light of the crisis of high global energy prices and what ensued, including the inflationary waves around the world. (QNA)


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