20 June 2022

MOPH Qualifies Medical Practitioners at HMC, PHCC to Deal With People With Auditory Disabilities

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Doha, June 20 (QNA) - In collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is working to qualify cadres who deal with sign language, to eliminate the obstacles encountered by persons with disabilities in their attempt to communicate with the health sector.
In cooperation with the two corporations, the Ministry organized the primary training courses to train the professionals working at HMC and PHCC on sign language, targeting 26 various cadres operating in the two corporations.
Lead of the National Health Strategy (NHS) 2018-2022 'Health and Wellbeing for People with Special Needs' priority at MOPH and Director of the Audiology and Balance Unit at HMC Dr. Khalid Abdul Hadi said that the training course comes within a series of the professional courses that are intended to enhance communication with persons with auditory disabilities who attend health facilities, and facilitate the provision of medical services to them, whether at HMC facilities and hospitals or PHCC health centers.
He revealed similar training courses that have been organized for substantial numbers of health and administrative cadres in health sector, expressing his hope that such training courses would be expanded in the remaining health institutions in Qatar, where persons with auditory disabilities could communicate with all members of the community, in the pursuit of achieving the NHS 2018-2022 related to persons with disabilities.
For her part, Lead of the NHS 'Healthy Children and Adolescents' priority and Assistant Medical Director for Child and Adolescent Health at PHCC Dr. Sadriya Al Kohji said that the training course has primarily targeted the cadres of both HMC and PHCC on sign language, to facilitate the communication process among persons with auditory disabilities who attend health facilities and cadres operating at the forefront of the health sector - ensuring the provision of accessible and efficient medical care.
Dr. Al Kohji pointed out that the course aims to provide and legalize services to suit all members of society, including persons with disabilities of all ages, in an effort to provide medical care with a friendly and appropriate environment for all community members.
The sign language training course serves the plans set for the NHS 'Health and Wellbeing for People with Special Needs' priority through unfettered access to services. (QNA)


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