20 June 2022

Ukrainian President: 12 Million Ukrainians Either Refugees or Displaced

  • Ukraine

Kyiv, June 20 (QNA) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his hope that the war against Russia would end soon, pointing out that 12 million of his citizens were either refugee or displaced due to the war that broke out about four months ago.
In a speech during his participation in the Global Policy Forum organized by the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), Zelensky said, "Kyiv hopes that the war would end, and our land would not become the property of others," stressing that millions of Ukrainians have been affected by the war.
Zelensky renewed his call on the European Union to provide effective weapons for the fight and the necessary funds for reconstruction.
He added that the European Union ''must consider us an equal partner." French President Emmanuel Macron, who holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, recently announced that his country would deliver Ukraine "six additional Tsars," which are self-propelled guns known for their accuracy and mobility.
On February 24, Russia began what it called a "special military operation" throughout Ukraine, but a month ago it announced the focus of its operation on eastern and southern Ukraine after it withdrew its forces from the capital, Kyiv, its surroundings, and northern cities. (QNA)


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