06 July 2022

Arab Parliament Welcomes Agreement Establishing Armistice in Yemen During Eid Al-Adha Holiday

  • ArabLeague

Cairo, July 06 (QNA) - The Arab Parliament welcomed the agreement reached by the Yemeni parties establishing the current armistice during Eid al-Adha Holiday, hoping that the success of humanitarian armistice would contribute to ending the military operations and supporting the efforts to reach a comprehensive and sustainable political solution to the current Yemeni crisis based on the gulf initiatives and implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue conference, in addition to UN security council resolution No. 2216 in fulfilling the aspirations of Yemeni people to achieve security, peace and stability.
In its statement issued today, the Arab Parliament called on the Yemeni parties to commit to halting the entire military operations and uphold the initiative rolled out by Saudi Arabia announced in March 2021 to end the crisis in Yemen through a comprehensive peaceful settlement, reiterating its solidarity and entire support to the people and legitimacy in Yemen, in addition its unity and independence and integration of its lands, as well as supporting the strenuous efforts to achieve peace in Yemen.
UN Special envoy Yemen Hans Grundberg has announced earlier today that the Yemeni parties agreed to consolidate the current truce during Eid Al-Adha, work to strengthen confidence-building efforts and help create an appropriate environment for dialogue between the parties to the conflict in Yemen, as well as ensuring the protection of the safety of civilians and infrastructure in the country, stressing the readiness of the United Nations to provide technical assistance and facilitate the dialogue process to reach a permanent ceasefire.
In addition, since April,2, Yemen has entered into a truce under the supervision of the United Nations, which included a comprehensive cease-fire on all fronts for two months, and the truce was extended on June,2, for two additional months. (QNA)


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