02 August 2022

Qatar University Young Scientists Center Announces Details of 5th Edition of Annual Youth Research Forum


Doha, August 02 (QNA) - Qatar University Young Scientists Center has announced the slogan and themes of the 5th edition of the Annual Youth Research Forum which is considered a scientific platform for students and researchers from worldwide. The center clarified that the forum, which is set to convene next March, 2022 will carry theme: "Higher Education Institutions and Their Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals" to further spotlight the role entrusted by the universities in achieving the development goals with their various dimensions and ensure their sustainability for the sake of reaching the social welfare.
In addition, the 5th edition of the Annual Youth Research Forum is set to discuss a wide range of themes,most importantly the quality of higher education as one of the major goals of sustainable development goals and a methodology to further entrench its concepts. The events will likewise address the legal legislations at the development level by focusing on the role of law in promoting peace and justice, in addition to solidifying and supporting the institutions and overcoming the organizational challenges pertaining to the educational services, artificial intelligence (IA), global cooperation and protection of intellectual properties et al.
The participants will be discussing the role of the scientific research in entrenching the concepts of sustainable development to further attain their goals, particularly at the level of eradication of poverty and hunger through the research projects related to the growth in food and water production with less cost, promotion of health services, optimum exploitation of natural resources, specially water and energy, support innovation and explore new solutions, specially in industry and infrastructure, transition to sustainable cities, rationalization of production and consumption, in addition to controlling climate changes and mitigating its impacts, as well as environment conservation.
Director of Qatar University Young Scientists Center Prof. Noora Jabor Al-Thani said that universities have been undertaking a greater and vital role in scientific research and development since the universities are the most senior educational and research institutions, pointing out that Qatar University (QU) is deemed a pioneer model in achieving development strategies and aspirations to ensure the country's progress and relay the benefits to the world through focusing on the educational quality, in addition to its role in enhancing and upgrading the scientific research.
Qatar University Young Scientists Center has called on all Bachelor and Undergraduate male & female students in the state of Qatar, Gulf, Arab and international universities to participate in this forum with their researches in congruent with the themes of the 5th edition, urging the students and researchers to submit their applications for their participation, including the title of the dissertation and its summary before next October 16, 2022. However, the report or the entire research posters shall be submitted by December 18, 2022 to be further evaluated by the forum committee. (QNA)


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