03 August 2022

Arab League Welcomes Extension of Truce in Yemen


Cairo, August 03 (QNA) - The League of Arab States welcomed the announcement by the United Nations to renew the truce in Yemen for two more months on the same terms as the previous truce, until Oct. 2, noting that the continuation of the truce gives the required momentum to the political process and the continuation of negotiations as the only way to address the Yemeni crisis comprehensively, in anticipation of bringing peace to this country, whose people have suffered a lot.

Spokesman for the Secretary-General of the Arab League Jamal Rushdie said in a statement today that the Yemeni people have suffered for years from the war and a severe humanitarian crisis, pointing out that the renewal of the truce is good news for millions of Yemenis, as the truce allows working to alleviate the difficult humanitarian conditions suffered by Yemenis throughout the country, and opens the way for starting a serious political process to end the crisis.

He also stressed the importance of the parties' commitment to the terms of the truce in the coming phase, and the need to strengthen the work of the UN envoy in reaching an expanded and sustainable truce agreement. (QNA)


General, Arab Affairs, Arab League, General secretariat
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