20 September 2022

Palestinian Foreign Ministry Condemns Occupation's Practices Against Palestinians


Ramallah, September 20 (QNA) - Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Tuesday the assaults carried out by the settlers and their armed elements against the Palestinian citizens, their lands, property and sacred places across the occupied West Bank, including their arrogance on the main roads, intersections and their closure under the protection and escort of the Israeli occupation forces.

In a statement, the ministry held the occupation government the full and direct responsibility over the ongoing escalation of the situations there, arising from its violations, crimes, settlers and aggression on the citizens, in addition to their recurrent attempts to close the political prospect of solving the conflict, plunging the Palestinian street into a state of loss of hope for peace in a time the Israeli officials and the constituent elements of the government are intentionally ignoring the Palestinian cause, including the strategic imperatives of solving the conflict, whether in their statements, positions or meetings with the international officials, pointing out to the latest violations represented in the settlers' assaults against Huwara town Monday which resulted in the injury of no less than 15 civilians with full knowledge of the occupation army, closure of Nablus -Qalqilya road, and their constant assaults against the citizens in Masafer Yatta and Aghwar District in a time the Israeli forces continue the massacre of demolishing the Palestinian homes, residences and facilities with false pretexts by the same token of the demolitions and the destruction of a fence and water network, confiscation of tents near Jericho in three Bedouin communities, raiding the house of the director of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, sabotaging its contents and arresting him for hours in a provocative continuous aggression targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque, its men, and the Islamic Endowments Department.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs elucidated that what is requested internationally not only entails the full refrain from delving into the Israeli misinformation campaigns, but rather giving the Palestinian cause the required consideration, stressing that its resolution is the key to security and stability not only in the conflict zone, but in the entire region and the world, which requires coercing the occupation state to halt settlement and all forms of its violations and crimes, in addition to compelling it to engage in a real peace process within a time frame set for that, and coercing it to terminate its occupation of the land of the State of Palestine based on the international legitimacy resolutions.



General, Arab Affairs, Palestine
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