23 September 2022

United Nations: The State of Qatar Participates in Ministerial Meeting of AHLC on Coordination For Development Assistance to Palestine

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New York, September 22 (QNA) - The State of Qatar has participated in the ministerial meeting of the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) on the coordination mechanism for development assistance to Palestine, on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
HE Assistant Foreign Minister for Regional Affairs Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi represented the State of Qatar in the meeting.
In his remarks before the meeting, His Excellency called on the international community to bolster the Palestinian economy, build the institutions of the Palestinian state and ensure the minimum threshold of well-being for the Palestinians, noting that the humanitarian suffering and the economic failure lead to loss of hope.
He said that the improvement of the economic situations for the Palestinians is a demand and right for them, because it contributes to creating the conducive environment for the national accord and peace opportunities with the Israeli side, and is subsequently beneficial for all.
He highlighted that the work of the committee is extremely crucial in light of the recurrent setbacks witnessed by the security, political and economic situation similar to what transpired during the past year, specially in light of the reports and briefings that indicate the pervasiveness of the economic difficulties facing the Palestinians and threaten the sustainability of the economic and financial situation encountered by the Palestinian authority.
He noted that the Palestinians are waiting for the support that has been previously promised by the international community which is represented by AHLC, pointing out that the committee is well-known for undertaking practical, positive and concrete procedures to achieve the common goals.
His Excellency said that, stemming from the recognition of the State of Qatar of this responsibility and the imperative of improving the economic and humanitarian situation in the service of peace endeavors, it continues to undertake its role within the framework of the flows of international support in response to the needs of the brothers in Palestine, including the provision of humanitarian and development aid to Gaza strip.
During the past period the Qatari grants continued to flow to the strip in coordination with the United Nations with the objective of alleviating the humanitarian suffering which had contributed to addressing the urgent needs due to the shortage of energy, including the provision of cash-flow and creating job opportunity, as well as long-term reform and construction of the infrastructure, housing and enhancement of health, education, industry and agriculture which contribute to sustaining the economy and prosperity, he added.
He noted that the contributions of the State of Qatar, during the last decade via Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) and Gaza Reconstruction Committee, exceeded $1.5, as well as the contributions provided by the civil society institutions.
His Excellency reaffirmed that addressing the economic aspect, even if it was an imperative, does not go without the political elements of the permanent, just and comprehensive settlement which underpins the two-state solution, and reaching a solution to the issues if the final situation through negotiation and based on UN Security Council resolutions, road map and Arab peace initiatives.
He tackled the role of UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which encounters difficulties in funding, pointing out that the State of Qatar has recently raised the level of its donation to UNRWA's key resources within the framework of its participation in bearing the financial burdens.
He noted that QFFD announced the total donation of $18 million last November in support of the fundamental resources of UNRWA during 2021-2022 and the State of Qatar was the first Arab country to sign multi-year agreement with UNRWA to support its fundamental resources.
His Excellency affirmed that the State of Qatar is committed to supporting AHLC's efforts, and generally the international efforts dedicated to achieving the stability and security in the region. (QNA)


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