28 September 2022

Minister of Labor Announces Launch of Forum for Job Localization in the Private Sector

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Doha, September 28 (QNA) - HE Minister of Labor Dr. Ali bin Saeed bin Smaikh Al Marri has announced the launch of a regular forum on job localization in the private sector, with the participation of representatives of the regulators of the priority sectors in the localization of jobs. His Excellency pointed out that the sectors involved are the manufacturing, the services, the tourism and hospitality, IT technology sector, finance, health and education sectors, in addition to the financial, health and education sectors.
In remarks delivered during the honoring ceremony for companies and establishments that excelled in localizing jobs in the private sector, which contributed to attracting qualified national cadres and benefiting from them in promoting development, His Excellency clarified that Tawteen Platform aims to introduce localization plans and the role of private sector companies and open new prospects for the abilities to grow and create job opportunities, to accommodate further calibers, noting that Tawteen provides a space and a dialogue platform for actors to exchange ideas and best practices in the field of job localization and points of attractiveness to Qataris.
His Excellency also revealed that the Ministry of Labor, which is vested with the power to localize the jobs in the private sector, currently embarks on coordinating with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, educational institutions to reduce the gap between the needs of the labor market and the outputs of education, with the aim of contributing to a prominent role in achieving national development goals in accordance with Qatar Vision 2030.
His Excellency also revealed the intention of Ministry of Labor to organize an event entitled: "Education and the Labor Market: Challenges and Promising Opportunities" in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, educational institutions and the private sector during the next month, in order to know their future needs and link them with the outputs of education in universities.
He pointed out that the Ministry of Labor launched its interim plan within the framework of a comprehensive strategy for the purpose of localizing jobs in the private sector, as it is one of its main priorities aimed at benefiting from the national workforce and opening new horizons in major private sector companies, noting that Ministry deems the partnership, cooperation, and consultation with private sector companies and institutions as the optimal method to enhance localization of jobs through the qualification and training of national cadres and capitalize on the benefits offered by private sector enterprises within the Program.
He extended his thanks and appreciation to the private sector enterprises and the distinguished entities for achieving the strategy of localization, training and scholarships, especially the distinguished roles of employees and managers of human resources and employment affairs, pointing out that the role of human resources departments in the field of job localization is crucial and has contributed to increasing the recruitment of male and female citizens, including their integration into companies and private sector institutions.
At the end of the ceremony, HE Minister of Labor Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri honored the companies and entities that have significantly contributed to the success of the job localization program in the private sector that has been launched by Ministry of Labor since early 2022.
The honoring ceremony came within the framework of Ministry of Labor keenness to highlight the active role played by the private sector companies and enterprises in the success of the localization program, which underscores the partnership and cooperation between them and the private sector's enterprises and institutions, in addition to following up the efforts exerted by the enterprises and companies in the localization strategy and capitalizing on the qualified national cadres.
The ceremony included the startups and the enterprises that are most cooperative with Ministry of Labor pertaining to job localization for national workers, and at the same time achieved high proportion of replacing and localizing jobs and count on the national manpower with high rates, including the entities that offer the most appropriate qualification and training opportunities for national labor, and have also achieved high rates of job placement and resettlement and dependence on national labor at high rates.
The ceremony also included the managers of human resources, distinguished employees and the most cooperative with Ministry of Labor in the entities covered by the localization, the distinguished employees in Ministry of Labor Recruitment Department, and those who organized the celebration.
For their part, the honorees expressed their happiness with this honor, which is an incentive and motive for them to advance the job localization program and increase the percentage of dependence on national cadres in various jobs during the coming period. (QNA)


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