01 November 2022

Union of OIC News Agencies Slams False News Targeting Qatar's World Cup Hosting


Jedda, November 01 (QNA) - The Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA) slammed Tuesday the media campaign targeting Qatar's hosting of the World Cup by spreading rumors and false news.

UNA said the campaign launched by some foreign media outlets stems from suspicious agendas, given its focus on broadcasting false information that has been proven false after verification and reference to reliable sources.

Qatar's hosting of this global event, as the first country in the Islamic world and the Middle East, is an opportunity to promote coexistence between different cultures and to highlight the civilized legacy and huge capabilities of the countries of the region that allow them to organize such big events, UNA said, hailing Qatari achievements in this regard.

It urged the media to remain objective and professional in covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and to work in the spirit and passion of sports away from incitement, which would achieve the objectives of the event in promoting cooperation and fraternity between peoples.

Also, it called on the media to benefit from reliable media sources, which allow media professionals and representatives to benefit from a wide range of news sources provided by the host country.



General, Islamic affairs
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