23 November 2022

Chairman of Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan Affirms Priorities to Safeguard Country's Unity

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Khartoum,November 23 (QNA) - Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council of Sudan Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Burhan affirmed Wednesday that safeguarding the unity of the country is one of the top priorities for any coming settlement with the national political forces in pursuit of breaking the political deadlock.
Addressing the senior officers of the Sudanese army Wednesday, Al Burhan said that the military component will accept any formula that ensures the country's cohesion and preserves the dignity of the regular forces, stressing that the incoming government will be formed from non-partisan independents, in accordance with the consensus of the Sudanese political forces, pointing out that the unity of the military institution and the rapid support forces (RSF) will never be underestimated, denying any bilateral agreement signed between the armed forces and a specified political group, adding that the army still adheres to its stance to withdraw from the political scene, once the political forces reach consensus to devote itself to rearranging its ranks and counter the incoming future challenges, pointing out that there will be no retreat from supporting the Sudanese people's aspiration in fulfilment of their desires for freedom and dignified life. (QNA)


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