14 January 2023

Iranian Foreign Ministry Summons British Ambassador to Protest Interference in the Country's Affairs

  • Iran_FM

Tehran, January 14 (QNA) - British Ambassador to Tehran Simon Shercliff has been summoned to Iran's Foreign Ministry to protest the unwarranted interference of British officials in Iran's national security affairs.

The meeting was a protest by Iran against the British government's acts of sabotage against the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to the Foreign Office website.

This came after British officials reacted to the execution of former Iranian official Alireza Akbari, who was hanged on charges of spying for British intelligence.

The Director General of the Western Europe Department of the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed to tangible information about the trap set by the British side for Akbari, saying that the British government should be held accountable for its unconventional ties that led to the violation of the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Director General added that the British government must take responsibility for the consequences of continuing its unconventional and meddling approach.

It was further stressed that under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, dual citizenship is not accepted, and the interference and destructive statements of Britain under this pretext are unwarranted. (QNA)


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