16 January 2023

Qatar Debate Fellowship Hosts its Second Meeting

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Doha, 16 January (QNA) - Qatar Debate, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, hosted the second meeting of the "QatarDebate Fellowship",which aims to advance and promote academic scientific research and the diversify aspects of regional and international partnerships. It provides integrated support to researchers for two years to complete and publish their research.

The meeting focused on presenting academic research projects after fulfilling the conditions for funding, where 11 researchers from different countries of the world presented their projects in various scientific fields related to the art of debate.

The Qatar Debate Fellowship is a unique opportunity for researchers, academics and entrepreneurs around the world to contribute to creating developing knowledge in the field of debate and its intersections with various disciplines at the theoretical, scientific and procedural levels.

The Executive Director of QatarDebate, Dr. Hayat Abdullah Marafi, said that scientific research and research studies are one of the most important pillars of progress and advancement in the realm of institutions, pointing out that QatarDebate adopts the methodology of scientific cooperation to build partnerships on solid foundations characterized by science and logic.

She added that the event brought together a group of distinguished participants with exceptional skills in the field of debate that keep pace with reason and logic. Therefore, QatarDebate has adopted the scientific approach to make the most of the scientific research that will give added values to the Center's activities and promote dialogue through exchanging of ideas.

The Programs Manager at QatarDebate, Abdulrahman Al-Subaie, said that the Fellowship program adopts the highest standards of scientific research and relies in its decisions on specialized academic referee, in which a group of distinguished researchers from top local and international universities participate in, pointing out that the second meeting concludes the first stage of the program "Research Proposals Stage" which will follow by other stages related to the development and completion of these researches and preparing them for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

It is worth noting that the first meeting was in the United States of America on the sidelines of the American Universities Championship for Arabic Debates.

The meeting presented distinctive topics in various subtopics stemming from debate under the following titles: "Rhetorical Strategies in Arabic Debating and Argumentation: A Corpus-based Approach", "Dialogic Practices in the Andalusian Aljamiado Legacy: The Argumentative Strategies and Reasoning Procedures.

An applied and comparative Study", "Classification of Compelling Arabic Arguments using AI Techniques", "Analyzing Debate Related to COVID-19 Vaccination among Arab Region Twitter Users", "The Impact of the Debate Culture on the Political Scene in North Africa post-2011", "Centralized Information Warfare and Decentralized Debating Platforms: The Case of Wikipedia at the Crucible of Socio-political Debate", and "Comparing Gender Differences between Kuwaiti/Jordanian and American Debate Programs". (QNA)


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