19 January 2023

Palestinian PM Calls on International Community to Stop Israeli Occupation Crimes


Ramallah, January 19 (QNA) - Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called on world countries to intervene to stop Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian people, urging the UN and international community to move and protect the rights of the Palestinian people.

In a press statement Thursday, Shtayyeh held the occupation's government full responsibility for the continuous heinous crimes committed by its soldiers, with no regard for international laws and norms.

In a related context, the Palestinian Prime Minister condemned the Israeli forces targeting Jenin governmental hospital and threatening patients' live, calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) and all international human rights organizations to condemn this crime and get involved to stop it.

For its part, the Palestinian National Council condemned the Israeli occupation crime that occurred Thursday morning in the northern West Bank city of Jenin that left two Palestinians dead, holding the Israeli government full responsibility for this crime.

In a press statement, the council called on the UN and the International community to protect the Palestinian people and stop the crimes being committed against them.



General, Arab Affairs, Palestine
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