20 January 2023

MEPI Index Increases 0.17 Percent in Second Half of 2022

  • Qatar

Doha, January 20 (QNA) - The Planning & Statistics Authority (PSA) has released the Machinery & Equipment Price Index (MEPI) for the Second Half 2022, Which reached 100.19 points, increase by 0.17% compared with the Second Half of 2021, and a 0.72% increase of MEPI, when compared with the counterpart of the previous year 2021.

An analysis on H-o-H basis of MEPI Second Half, 2022 against First Half, 2021 shows that seven of the main groups were increased namely: "Musical instruments" by 5.0%, "Office, accounting and computing machinery" by 3.75%, "Metal tools and tools" by 2.95%. "Medical appliances precision and optical" by 2.38%, and "Machinery and electrical appliances" by 0.81% ,"General , purpose machinery" by 0.48%, and "Special purpose machines" by 0.05%, A decrease recorded in "Radio , television and communication equipment" by 3.27%, "Transport" by 1.28%.

A comparison of the MEPI of Second Half, 2022 with the Second Half, 2021, showed that, there has been an increase by 0.72%, affected by prices rise in groups, namely: "Metal tools and tools" by 18.27%, "Musical instruments" by 3.69%, "Office, accounting and computing machinery" by 1.44%, and "General, purpose machinery" by 1.25%, "Transport" by 1.06%.

"Special-purpose machines" by 0.80%. As for decrease, it was recorded in three groups that were "Radio ,television and communication equipment" by 2.83%, "Machinery and electrical appliances" by 1.41%, and "Medical appliances precision and optical" by 0.16%.

The MEPI is one the economic indicators produced by the Authority. This indicator calculated as semi - annual, with base year 2013. (QNA)


Economy, Qatar
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