23 January 2023

Israeli Occupation Forces Stage Wide Arrests Campaign in West Bank

  • Palestine

Jerusalem, January 23 (QNA) - The Israeli occupation forces staged on Monday a wide detention campaigns by arresting 16 Palestinians, including a released prisoner from many regions in the West Bank.

The Israeli occupation forces detained 3 Palestinians, including a young man from Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem, raided the camp and fired stun grenades without causing any casualties, in addition to detaining 3 Palestinians from Nablus and Tulkarem, and 4 others from Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, 2 of whom are released prisoners from Jenin, and another young man from Jericho, after the occupation forces raided and searched their homes, said Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA).

In Hebron, the Israeli occupation forces detained 3 Palestinians after raiding and inspecting their homes, and tampered with their contents.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces placed several military barricades at the Northern entries of Hebron, and stopped the citizens' vehicles and inspected them, in addition to vetting the IDs of passengers. (QNA)


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