23 January 2023

Katara Holds Training Course on Art of Negotiation


Doha, January 23 (QNA) - Katara Public Diplomacy Center (KPDC) in collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy held Monday morning a training course on the art of negotiation, at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara).

Presented by President of the Diplomatic Academy Rashid Al Hajri, the lecture brought together 24 male and female professionals from seven governmental, cultural and media agencies in the country. It is due to run through next Thursday.

The course covers several axes, including 'defining the art of negotiation, its strategies and theories', 'techniques and the mechanism of their use', 'types of negotiation in various diplomatic, military and economic situations', 'types and phases of conflicts', and 'ways to build peace amid international conflict'. It also discussed some negotiation theories in commerce to be used by trainees in their administrative work and leadership positions.

Al Hajri said the course would allow the participants to learn about all negotiation strategies and techniques, most notably those employed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and mercy be upon him) in the Pact of Al Hudaybiyah, which will be taken as a graduation project for the trainees. He also highlighted the exercises, activities, discussions, tests and working papers in order for the participants to reach the optimum training and practical practice.

The course outputs enhance key administrative values to boost the participants' productivity, and motivate them to acquire time management, negotiation and problem-solving skills, Al Hajri said.
CEO of KPDC, Darwish Ahmed Al Shaibani said that this course would contribute to enhancing all participants' knowledge and culture relating to the art of negotiation, whether within their families, societies or workforce. It also allows them to develop their practical persuasion and negotiation skills, and master their requirements and techniques, by the practical application of the negotiating communication process, and following the best strategies to save time and effort, and to achieve actual gains on the ground, he said.

This course is part of the KPDC's training plan for Qatari public diplomacy - January 2023, which includes a series of lectures, training courses, and televised interviews to attract, qualify distinguished national cadres and enhance their public diplomacy, communication and negotiation skills to further learn about the cultures, history and policies worldwide, enhance pan-peoples communication and understanding, and strengthen Qatar's relationship with the world.



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