23 January 2023

Qatar Partakes in 10th Meeting of Arab Technical Committee for Rules of Origin


Cairo, January 23 (QNA) - The three-day 10th meeting of the Technical Committee for Arab Rules of Origin began Monday at the General Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo with the participation of a delegation from the State of Qatar that includes representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the General Authority of Customs, and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In a statement on Monday, the Arab League said that the meeting deals with discussing possible ways to activate the principle of cumulation of origin within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA), in addition to completing a review of the general provisions of the Arab rules of origin for Arab goods, based on the observations and views of the GAFTA member states.

The Arab League noted the mandate issued by the Economic and Social Council for the committee to review the general provisions of the Arab rules of origin to keep pace with international developments and propose the necessary amendments in this regard, according to its Resolution No. 2,234 in its 104th session of 2019. It pointed out that about 80 percent of the review of the general provisions has been completed and the remaining items will be discussed in preparation for submitting them to the Economic and Social Council for consideration and approval.

Also, the Arab League indicated that a joint workshop was held in coordination with the Union of Arab Chambers and the participation of representatives of the National Chamber in the Arab countries and representatives of the private sector to spread awareness among representatives of the private sector regarding the importance of applying the principle of accumulation of origin and benefiting from preferential advantages if applied within the GAFTA framework.



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