24 January 2023

Ministry of Awqaf Launches 1st Qualification Course for Qatari Muezzins


Doha, January 24 (QNA) - The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs announced on Tuesday the launch of first qualification course for new Qatari imams, muezzins and preachers in the fiqh of purification and prayer, which is organized by the ministry for 15 days.

A number of 11 Qatari muezzins participated in this qualification course in order to perform the call to prayer in the country's mosques, and they have been nominated in cooperation with the Ministry's Mosques Department.

The course is presented by Muhammad Abdul Latif Al Mahmoud, where he explains the chapters on the fiqh of purification and prayer.

The course comes as part of the Ministry of Awqafs plan to prepare the Qatari muezzin and provide them with the Sharia science necessary to perform this task, and graduate a new batch of qualified Qatari muezzins.

The courses for preparing and qualifying Qatari muezzins, imams, and preachers are held throughout the year, under the organization and supervision of Da'wah and Islamic Studies Department of the Religious Call and Guidance Department.

These courses are one of the main programs and activities of the department's annual plan, to enable new participants to carry out this job in the right way, as the ministry takes great care of this important group of the country's youth.



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