12 February 2023

Turkish Ambassador to QNA: HH the Amir's Visit to Turkiye Has Significant Connotations, Message of Solidarity with Turkiye

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Doha, February 12 (QNA) - HE Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye to the State of Qatar Dr. Mustafa Goksu affirmed that HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's visit to Turkiye on Sunday, is meaningful and has significant connotations, as His Highness is the first leader in the world to visit the Turkish Republic after the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake that struck the south of the country last week.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE the Ambassador stressed that the visit of HH the Amir to Turkiye has various connotations, and is a remarkable message of solidarity from the State of Qatar, the Amir, the government and the people towards Turkiye and its people who affected by the earthquake, referring in a related context to the phone conversation held by HH the Amir with HE his brother President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during which HH expressed Qatar's support for the Republic of Turkiye in mitigating the serious humanitarian repercussions left by the earthquake, and HH's wishes for the injured a speedy recovery.

HE the Ambassador said that the directives of HH the Amir, since the first hours of the disaster, to launch an airlift for Turkiye, played a decisive role in the urgent delivery of aid, and it is an evidence of the honorable humanitarian stance of the State of Qatar.

HE the Turkish Ambassador also expressed his gratitude for the State of Qatar's stance in solidarity with the earthquake victims since the first hours of the disaster.

HE also said that the talks to be held by the two leaders, during the visit, will discuss ways to enhance rescue and relief operations and cooperation in the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake.

He noted that the Turkish embassy in Qatar took the initiative, since the very beginning of the disaster, to coordinate efforts to schedule a special flight for Qatar Airways between Doha and the Turkish city of Adana, with the aim of facilitating the transportation of members of the Turkish community in Qatar who went to Turkiye to visit their relatives in the earthquake zones.

He continued that more than 120 personnel of the Qatar International Search and Rescue Group of the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), equipped with specialized search and rescue mechanisms and equipment, in addition to field hospitals, relief aid, tents, medical and winter supplies, as well as the allocation of 10,000 mobile homes, which will be transported to the affected areas, have arrived on board the first flight of the airlift that the State of Qatar operated for the Republic of Turkiye, in implementation of HH the Amir's directives.

HE the Turkish Ambassador stated that within the framework of this airlift between the two countries, seven planes carrying Qatari rescue and search teams, along with humanitarian and medical supplies, have arrived in the Gaziantep region in Turkiye, where the Qatari rescue team is working in the city of Nurdagi to assist in rescue operations.

In addition to all this appreciated Qatari support, the Turkish Embassy in Doha launched campaigns for in-kind donations, and opened official accounts to accept cash donations to support search and rescue operations, as the donations are transferred directly to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), the Ambassador added.

He indicated that the process of collecting in-kind donations continues in coordination between the embassy and the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), the Turkish Cultural Center (Yunus Emre Enstitusu-Doha ), and the Turkish School in Qatar, explaining that the campaign received a great response from citizens and residents of Qatar.

HE the Ambassador expressed his thanks to the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, Qatar Charity, the Qatar Red Crescent, and all other institutions in the country for their great assistance and solidarity, hailing the "Oun w Sanad" campaign launched by the Qatar Media Corporation and Qatar TV., during which generous donations were collected.

HE Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye concluded his statement to QNA, saying that constant contact with all concerned authorities in the State of Qatar play a major role around the clock in delivering this aid to the areas affected by the earthquake in Turkiye.



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