22 March 2023

Russian Foreign Affairs Warns of Consequences If UK Supplies Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine

  • QNA-Russian-Ministry-of-Foreign-Affairs-Tass-10-3-2023

Moscow, March 22 (QNA) - Russia's Foreign Ministry warned Wednesday that Britain's delivery of ammunition to Ukraine containing depleted uranium would represent a serious aggravation of the conflict.
In remarks, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Britain's decision to supply depleted uranium shells to Kyiv took the situation to new and dangerous levels.
The Minister described the topic as a step towards further aggravation of the conflict, noting its consequences for the health of the population and the risk of soil contamination.
British sources had reported that the London authorities had delivered shipments of depleted uranium to Ukraine as part of their assistance in confronting Russia's shelling of its territory. (QNA)


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