13 April 2023

QNB Stars League Coaches to QNA: Players Adapting to Ramadan Schedule Changes

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Doha, April 13 (QNA) - Controversy continue on the impact of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan on the performance of professional athletes, especially in football. Ramadan has forced teams to change their training schedules to adapt to the holy month. Some believe that fasting has a detrimental impact on player performances, while others believe that this just take place as players adapt to a new routine but has no lasting impact beyond that.
In this context, Al Gharafa's head coach Pedro Martinez told Qatar News Agency that he doesn't see any difference during Ramadan. He pointed out that pushing matches later in the day was probably the only minor change, which forces training to take place at a similar time and that takes time to adjust to. He said that the players are generally in good conditions and that his team is not struggling with any injuries. He said that his experience with Muslim players in Europe showed that it was much harder for Muslim players there, as they have to adapt to different conditions than in Qatar where they have to play during fasting hours.
For his part, Al Arabi head coach Younis Ali said that his staff and team faced difficulties preparing for matches during Ramadan, saying that the change in match times required some adjustment. He said that the updated Ramadan schedule saw the team play the Ooredoo Cup semi-final on the first day of the holy month. He noted that the players adapted well as time passed, noting that many injured players returned ready to take part at the crucial point of the season. 

For his part, Al Shahaniya SC head coach Alvaro Mejia said that the motivation Ramadan provides to players is far greater than the challenges posed by the change in training and match timing. 
He said that Ramadan is a great time for the players as they get to spend a lot more time with their families, noting that it something that makes coaches happy and inspires them to do their best to make this month as comfortable for the players as possible without having it affect their performances. He highlighted that this month is a crucial part of the season for the club in terms of achieving their goals. He said that the change in match timings was the biggest challenge facing the players during Ramadan as they have to completely change their diet.
For his part, Al Wakra coach Marquez Lopez said that he didn't see a big difference except in the match timing which requires rapid response from the players in terms of adapting their diet and training. He also highlighted that Ramadan coincides with a crucial part of the league season as the team looks to secure fourth place. He praised the Ramadan atmosphere in Qatar and said that he found it exceptional. 
For his part, Muaither coach Jose Murcia said that he has grown used to Ramadan during his coaching career, having spent six years coaching in both Qatar and Tunisia. He praised the atmosphere in Ramadan but maintained that they do require some adjustment to ensure the players give their best on the pitch. He said the players' commitment to training helps avoid any potential negative impact on their performance levels, but stressed that the real challenge was always in the first few days. (QNA)


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