02 May 2023

German Police Arrest 67 Labor Day Demonstrators in Berlin


Berlin, May 02 (QNA) - German police announced that it has temporarily arrested 67 people (58 men and 9 women) during the Labor Day demonstrations and marches that took place yesterday.

Police said today that it has opened 99 investigations against the backdrop of these demonstrations, noting that police are investigating accusations such as disturbing public peace, resisting law enforcement personnel, assaulting law enforcement personnel, attempting to release arrested persons, causing material damage and/or serious bodily injury.

Berlin Police Directorate stated that nine of their personnel were injured during the demonstrations, most of them suffering from bruises.

Berlin Police Chief Barbara Slowik expressed her satisfaction at the way things were handled, saying that yesterday's demonstrations were once again more peacefully compared to last year's demonstrations, attributing this to police forces' smart and wise approach.

Slowik reported that the total number of individuals who participated in securing yesterday's demonstrations amounted to about 7,100 police officers, including about 2,600 police officers from other states. A total of about 28,000 people participated in 19 gatherings in the capital, she added.

The police stated that about 12,000 people participated in the left-wing demonstration on the occasion of Labor Day in the Kreuzberg region. However, demonstration organizers estimated the number to be at about 20,000.

German trade unions had called for demonstrations on the occasion of Labor Day in order to denounce the rising prices and inflation that Germany is experiencing, as well as the consequences of the energy crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, calling on the German government to solve these challenges.



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