14 June 2023

QFC Unveils Innovative Chatbot to Enhance Customer Engagement


Doha, June 14 (QNA) - Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) announced the launch of Ask QFC - Powered by ChatGPT of Azure OpenAI Service, an interactive chatbot poised to enhance the user experience when interacting with the QFC website and client portal.

This breakthrough technology enables the QFC to enhance customer engagement and efficiency by removing barriers to accessing information and support, making it easier for customers to connect and receive the assistance they need in real-time.

Using advanced natural language processing capabilities to understand customer inquiries, Ask QFC serves as a round-the-clock virtual assistant, eliminating the constraints of traditional business hours while providing accurate responses. Customers can now easily access information from the QFC website and client portal whenever they need it, empowering them with increased autonomy and flexibility.

One significant value of the chatbot is the ability it gives clients to quickly access QFC rules and regulations, enabling them to stay up to date with the latest guidelines, enhancing transparency and ensuring regulatory compliance with industry standards.

The benefits of this cutting-edge chatbot extend far beyond simple customer support. By automating routine inquiries and tasks, the chatbot allows the company's support staff to focus on more complex and value-added activities, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

QFC's CEO Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida said: "the QFC is keen on leveraging the latest AI technologies to deliver an unparalleled digital experience for our customers,"

Noting, "the capabilities of this interactive chatbot enable us to assist multiple customers simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted support to our customers across different time zones, ultimately raising customer satisfaction."

"With the introduction of Ask QFC, we are taking a significant leap forward in elevating our service and streamlining our operations," he added.

Ask QFC delivers consistent and standardized responses to customer queries and adheres to predefined guidelines and business policies, eliminating the potential for human errors, inconsistencies, or biases that may occur with human agents. This helps in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and brand reputation.



Economy, Qatar
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