26 June 2023

QNL Launches "Holy Kaaba" Digital Exhibition


Doha, June 26 (QNA) - Qatar National Library "QNL" launched the digital exhibition "The Holy Kaaba" through its website.

The exhibition highlights 50 carefully selected heritage items from QNL Heritage Library related to the Kaaba, Hajj, and the Holy Mosque.

The exhibition presents significant historical information about the construction of the Holy Kaaba, its architecture, and its spiritual significance to Muslims.

The exhibition also deals with the history of the Holy Kaaba since prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail - peace be upon them - lift its basis, and how poets used to compete among each other to win the honor of hanging their poems on the curtains of the Kaaba as a symbol of pride and high position.

The exhibition includes the status of the Kaaba, as well as detailed information about the ancient house from the inside and its containment of lamps, on which hung a group of artifacts that were gifted to it during different historical eras.

The exhibition also deals with Makkah Al Mukarramah in the writing of Western Europeans.



Culture, Qatar, Arts and culture
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