21 September 2023

Zelensky Calls for Ending Veto Power, Says it Pushed UN to Dead End

  • UN

New York, September 21 (QNA) - Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky called on providing the UN General Assembly with real powers that could address veto rights, noting that Russia would not willingly give it up.

In a speech at the UN Security Council, he said that handing the aggressor veto power pushed the United Nations towards a dead end.

The UN Security Council consists of 5 permanent member states with veto power: the United States, Russia, China, UK, and France, in addition to 10 non-permanent member states who are elected periodically every two years.

Zelensky said that Russia's aggression towards Ukraine was unprovoked, adding that the aim was to take over Ukraine's land and resources. Zelensky also accused Russia of weaponizing basic needs for the world such as food and energy in a bid to gain recognition of Ukrainian land it occupied. (QNA)


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