08 November 2023

Doha Debates to Discuss Orientalism

  • QNA_DOHDEBTS_08-11-2023

Doha, November 08 (QNA) - The complicated legacy of Orientalist art will be the focus of a town-hall-style event hosted by Qatar Foundations Doha Debates in collaboration with Lusail Museum and VCUarts Qatar. The event will take place on Nov. 14 at VCUarts Qatar.

Under the title "Orientalism Demystified: Eastern Insights on Western Myths" the debate will explore how Orientalist art has shaped Western perceptions of Arab and Asian identities, how 19th-century Orientalist stereotypes are still reflected in modern media and cultural narratives, and how museums should present and explore Orientalist works in their collections.

Doha Debates seeks to build bridges of direct dialogue between members of society and produce interactive content that helps bring viewpoints closer, build consensus and stir fruitful discussion on pressing global issues. (QNA)


Culture, Qatar
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