14 November 2023

Death Toll of Aggression on Gaza, West Bank Rises to 11,420 Martyrs, 32,000 Wounded


Ramallah, November 13 (QNA) - The death toll from the ongoing Israeli occupation aggression against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since Oct 7 has risen to 11,420 martyrs and about 32,000 wounded.

Palestine's Ministry of Health stated Monday that 11,240 were martyred in the Gaza Strip, including 4,630 children and 3,130 women, while 29,000 were injured, more than 70 percent of whom were children. In the West Bank, 180 were martyred and 2,700 others were injured.

The statement also revealed that 3,250 citizens are still missing or under the rubble, including 1,700 children. Two-hundred-two health personnel and 36 civil defense members were martyred in the Gaza Strip, in addition to more than 130 others injured. Sixty ambulances were damaged as a result of the aggression.

The Ministry of Health said that the bombing operations around Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza have intensified since Saturday. Vital infrastructure was targeted, including the oxygen station, water tanks, the well, cardiovascular department facilities and the maternity ward, leading to the martyrdom of dozens of patients and staff, including newborns and the elderly.

Twenty-five hospitals in Gaza, out of thirty-five, are out of service, while fifty-three primary health clinics, out of seventy-two, are out of service due to the bombing or running out of fuel.

The occupation continues its brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip for the thirty-eighth day, leaving thousands of martyrs and wounded, most of them children, women and the elderly.

There are still hundreds under the rubble who have not been recovered due to the dangerous situation on the ground.

This is amid a severe siege on Gaza, cutting off electricity and water and preventing the entry of medicines, food and vital aid, which increases the complications and dangers of the humanitarian situation.



General, Arab Affairs, Palestine
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