06 December 2023

United Nations: Palestinians in Gaza are Living in "Absolute Horror"

  • Gaza

Geneva, December 06 (QNA) - The United Nations (UN) said on Wednesday that the Palestinians in Gaza are living in "absolute and increasing horror" and called for an urgent ceasefire.

UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk stated during a press conference that two months after the start of the occupation's attack on Gaza, civilians in the Strip are still subjected to continuous bombing and collective punishment. Turk expressed fears of "atrocities." He added that the news coming from Gaza shows that the situation is dangerous and catastrophic. In these circumstances, there is a great risk of atrocities occurring.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights stressed the need for urgent action by both sides and all countries, especially those with influence, to prevent further crimes.

With non-stop raids and bombing, the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip entered its 61st consecutive day. The occupation forces intensified raids, fire belts and artillery shelling while committing further mass massacres against civilians in Gaza.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated Tuesday that the toll of the Israeli occupation force's aggression against the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7 has reached 15,800 martyrs and 40,000 injured. (QNA)


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