21 February 2024

Qatar University Hosts 2nd Pediatric Nutrition Conference

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Doha, February 21 (QNA) - Qatar University (QU) hosts the 2nd Pediatric Nutrition Conference, under the theme "Emerging Insights into Nutrition in Pediatric Metabolic Disease," to address evolving concepts in pediatric nutrition related to metabolic diseases.

The conference, which is held in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), and the Ministry of Health, brings together experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals to discuss and share knowledge on the latest developments in child nutrition.

QU President Dr. Omar Al Ansari, said in his opening speech that "Qatar University believes in the human and his capabilities, because it is the foundation of building society and the nation. For this reason, based on its position and responsibility as the national institution of higher education in the country, Qatar University seeks to prepare generations of the present and the future. Hence, the university's focus, in a large part, is on childhood (upbringing, nurturing, and health) through its centers and facilities, conferences, through the research and studies it conducts, and the qualified and trained human resources it prepares."

Director of Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Mohammad Al-Thani said in his speech, "I am pleased to be here today, addressing nutritional issues for children, and expanding on the significant collaboration with Qatar University in these important matters. As you may know, childhood obesity in Qatar affects more than 20 percent of the population, posing a significant challenge that the state is addressing in the long term. Today, we see that the goal is to recognize that obesity leads to diabetes and many other diseases. As part of this conference, we are joined by expert advice from various professionals in the field, to engage in this discussion, aiming to establish a new system for children in schools that is accepted by all families and endorsed by the health care system."

WHO Representative in Qatar, WHO/EMRO, Dr. Rayana Bou Haka stressed the cooperation with QU and with Qatar in general, noting the work goes beyond the borders of Qatar, hence why attendees of this conference come from a wide variety of countries. She also discussed the explosion of non-communicable disease and the situations in crisis countries and countries where natural disasters, whether droughts or floods, are affecting food security. She also noted that researchers, public health officials and academic institutions must collaborate and cooperate to find solutions to these health challenges.

The Dean of QUs College of Health Sciences, Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim said in her speech, "The conference, as you are aware, builds upon a previous successful edition, and it aligns perfectly with the approach of the College of Health Sciences and QU Health. The conference reflects the college's commitment to addressing health issues both locally, particularly in Qatar, and on a larger scale, considering the interconnected nature of these problems globally and regionally. Our approach emphasizes inclusivity in dealing with health challenges comprehensively. This inclusivity involves addressing various factors influencing health coverage, such as nutritional issues in children, while considering biological as well as behavioral, social, and economic factors. We strive for a holistic intervention approach, covering stages from prenatal care to social interventions. Additionally, the college values partnerships with the local community. We also prioritize partnerships with policymakers, organizers, parents, and the local community. Yesterday, a workshop was conducted on the sidelines of the conference, focusing not only on researchers and policymakers but also on parents and children, recognizing their significant role in child nutrition." (QNA)


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