16 April 2024

Eleven Palestinians Martyred in Israeli Slaughter in Maghazi Refugee Camp

  • Palestine

Gaza, April 16 (QNA) - Israeli occupation forces committed a new massacre in the Al Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip Tuesday, resulting in the martyrdom of 11 people and numerous wounded, the majority of whom were children.
A series of Israeli airstrikes targeted residential areas in the refugee camp, leading to the murder of 11 individuals, most of them children, and injuring others.
Simultaneously, the Israeli occupation forces continued their intense shelling on northern Gaza, destroying a four-story house belonging to the Hassouna family on Al Nafaq Street north of Gaza City, causing damage to surrounding homes, According to local sources quoted by Palestinian News Agency (WAFA).
The occupation forces also continued to fire live ammunition at the homes of Palestinian citizens in the town of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, alongside sporadic artillery shelling. Israeli warplanes further conducted an airstrike east of the Tuffah neighborhood in Gaza City.
Meantime, Israeli warplanes, and artillery targeted several homes in the Nusseirat refugee camp and its outskirts in the central Gaza Strip with a series of violent airstrikes. They also destroyed the top three floors of the Fayyad Tower in the northern areas of the camp, resulting in casualties.
In a related development, Israeli warplanes launched a fierce airstrike on Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, ambulance and rescue teams managed to recover the bodies of six martyrs from the Al-Amal neighborhood west of the city.
Earlier, at least eight Palestinian citizens were killed, and others injured in an Israeli airstrike targeting vehicles in the Tuffah neighborhood in central Gaza City.
Additionally, three Palestinians were killed, and dozens injured in Israeli airstrikes north of the Nusseirat refugee camp. Occupation forces also demolished a number of residential homes north of the camp with explosives.
In northern Gaza, Israeli occupation forces continued for the second consecutive day to force all families present in the town of Beit Hanoun to evacuate, and several youths were arrested. (QNA)


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