02 October 2022

Ministry of Interior Unveils Official Uniform of Security Force for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Doha, October 02 (QNA) - The Safety and Security Operations Committee (SSOC) of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 said on Sunday that the new uniform, vehicles and mechanism approved for the championship security force took two-year long strenuous efforts.

President of the SSOC's Training and Rehabilitation Unit Lt Col Fahad Al Subaie told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that a committee was formed to produce an exceptional and unprecedented uniform for the security force.

The committee did its best to prepare creative uniform, vehicles and motorcycles that attract the fans and simultaneously preserve the security identity and character, he told QNA.

He added the fabrics used for manufacturing the uniform were tested to be comfortable for security personnel and appropriate to climate during the tournament.

The committee was keen to form a special team work for the World Cup's Security Force, he added.

Al Subaie voiced hopes that the approved uniform would be patented worldwide as closely related to the police forces in the State of Qatar.

He highlighted the prolonged scrutiny and study of the aspects appropriate for the security of the championship and the main colors selected for the uniform, with red indicating high alert and blue for tranquility.

Al Subaie added that this uniform could be used and adopted in all activities and championships after the World Cup, stressing that there would be intensified campaigns to promote for the uniform among the fans. (QNA)


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