21 October 2022
12:29 PM
Article Number :0009
Doha, October 21 (QNA) - The State of Qatar changed sports from just competitions on the field and cheering in the stands to lofty meanings that serve communities, people, and countries, elevating the value of sport to achieve peace and rapprochement between people, when it submitted its file to host the World Cup in 2022, amid astonishment and wonder from all athletes of the great ambition that the State of Qatar enjoys.
In 2009, it was only a dream to succeed when Qatar announced its bid to organize the largest sporting event in the world, the World Cup. Wishful thinking is what appeared to everyone through the hosting file when it was announced at the Khalifa International Stadium in HH the Amir's Football Cup Final, but in reality, Qatar was carrying high-end concepts in football and hosting tournaments, which appeared in crucial moments.
Qatar presented a comprehensive file with strong competition from countries experienced in appearing in the World Cup, some of which mastered its organization in decades past, and others have a history of World Cup participation and professional leagues and stars worth tens of millions of dollars.
Qatar surrounded its file with calls to millions of Arabs, the hopes of changing the concepts of football in establishing peace and rapprochement between peoples, and taking football as an easy way to divert the worlds attention to the Middle East, recognizing it as a region with deep-rooted traditions and culture based on peace, affection and harmony and not a region of disputes and conflicts.
The Qatari file came with a message for the hosting request titled peace from the Middle East to the whole world. The message was an invitation to the world to change its view of the region as being able to live in peace and prove that concept to its visitors.
Qatar painted the walls of the Middle East with the colors of ambition carried by future generations who love football, know their competitive value, emulate their passion for sports the best countries in the world related to football, and even surpass them by culture and knowledge of the game, through meeting the file's technical conditions backed by the development vision in the State of Qatar and the belief in its ability to organize distinctive edition, with a special touch from the Arab region in general and Qatar, in particular.
Qatar entered the race to organize with its file, competing with strong files such as Spain and Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands, and England for the European continent, and the US and Mexico for the North and Central American continent, among other files that entered the race in the first stage. Regardless, Qatar has convinced the world that its file was unique.
The State of Qatar did not leave room for chance and included in its file the aspirations of all the people in the Arab region and the high-end concepts in organizing tournaments and raising the value of competitive sports by providing everything that supports the principles and foundations of the FIFA in spreading the culture of the game.
Qatar excelled in presenting an amazing and convincing presentation to the FIFA's Executive Office members, adding touches of knowledge that indicate the culture and far-sightedness of the people of Qatar and how to contribute to a unique version that remains in memory, based on young and conscious minds aware of the value of Sports and aim to deliver the tournament to the Middle East region, which suffered from the view that it is a region of strife and that must be changed in the minds of the world.
Qatar presented a special committee for the hosting file with a group of young Qataris responsible for the file at the presentation stage to the Executive Committee and organization stage, as a kind of commitment and bring promises to reality, implementing in 2022 using young cadres. The Qatari presentation impressed everyone who saw it because of its new understanding and a new concept of organizing tournaments, backed by a strict and clear government commitment to support the file.
The State of Qatar was not satisfied with a file that only fulfilled the conditions as the previous files submitted to FIFA, but rather supported it with the vision of the state and addressed the world through it in all languages, affirming Qatars intellectual readiness, belief in its organizational capabilities and distinguished minds that manage the file. Qatar presented the bid file in Spanish, French, and English, with pride in Arabic, the language of the people of the region and its people, with the promise of a special imprint for the tournament, which will be of a Qatari character.
Qatar succeeded in overcoming the nature of the tournament, which coincides with the hot summer period in the region, with the cooling technology in the stadiums, an environmentally friendly technology that added a sign of astonishment to the extent of the capabilities that Qatar possesses. (MORE)

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